Case Study


SmartCafeteria is a cashless canteen management software solution designed to simplify and enhance Canteen Management. SmartCafeteria is a fully integrated solution that eliminates the tedious activities related to cash reconciliation. Providing comprehensive online reports for the Admin, Canteen Operator and employees/student. Promotes use of single smart card for multiple application like (Access control system, Time and Attendance, etc).


  • Define company entitlements based on employee grade or designation
  • Multiple company locations, vendors and e-purses supported
  • Define day or month limit based on employee grade or designation.
  • Auto reload of employees card
  • Works on your existing proximity or smart cards
  • The system ensures considerable savings for the company by ensuring a tight control on when and how-much of the meal entitlement is consumed.
  • No need for reconcilation of coupons. The System maintains the Vendor transactions in real-time. Online reports are available using a web-based frontend for instant access to these transaction down to the last level of detail.
  • The system ensures that the meal entitlement is not transferred to employees who are not eligible and that the meal entitlement is not consumed at a time when the entitlements are not valid.
  • The Organization/ Institution only pays for the exact amount consumed by the employees. The employees are credited with an amount which the employee is entitled for. However, in case the employee fails to consume the entire entitlement during the specific period, the balance amount can be lapsed, which is a net saving for the company.
  • Exact department/employee wise billing is available which allows the Canteen expenses to be accurately debited / appropriated to the right department/ employee, leaving no chance of disputes and/or denials.
  • Single card for all activities like Access control, Canteen.
  • No need to wait for receipt of paper coupons by the employee.
Comparision with Alternatives:

SmartCafeteria Solution Coupons based Solutions Counter based Access card Solutions
Itemized Order Placement Yes No No
Reconciliation of Accounts Automated and Real-time Manual Automated
Is Monetary value of Ordered Items Available Yes No No, Only count available
Transparency of Operations Yes No No
Entitlements Transferable No Yes No
Option to Lapse balance (daily/monthly) Yes No No
Entitlements based on Role/ Designation Yes No No
Traceability of Transactions Yes No Yes, if maintained by the System
Multiple E-Purses Yes No No
Pay for what you have consumed Yes, The system deducts the amount of ordered items only, So the employee can use his card as many times he wants till he has balance on his card No No

Download: SmartCafeteria Brochure