A list of project we have successfully delivered in the past ...


SCL to C compiler

A project implementated for EBE Computing, South Africa, allows existing SCL-scripts to be compiled into Ansi-C Code. SCL (System Control Language) is a Job Control Language used on VME-based mainframes from ICL. This C code can then be compiled on a variety of operating systems like DOS/UNIX to give the same functionality. This allows the user to retain his/her tested SCL job control languages scripts from old legacy systems on newer systems, without the need for the user to unlearn and learn new shell/batch programming techniques. Standard UNIX utilities Lex and Yacc have been used for the lexical analysis and parsing. An Interpreter for providing the same run-time support to interpret SCL-scripts on the fly was also developed.


Datapro's Electronic Mail System

Design and implementation of the XeeMail Electronic Messaging Software for Datapro Electronics Private Limited (India)'s proposed nation-wide e-mail service. A complete hybrid e-mail system, based on X.400 functionality, was implemented, which consisted of the following main modules: Message Transfer Agent (on SUN SPARC workstation) MS-Windows and DOS-based User Agent MIS prototype Database using Gupta SQLBase Server (on Novell File Server) Customer Support Subsystem with Visual Basic as the front end Administration Subsystems with Power Builder as the front-end cc:Mail, MS-Mail, Internet Mail, Fax and Telex gateways Modules for transferring mail over dial-up lines.


Singapore Telecom's COMRADE System

Design and implementation of the Communication subsystem for Singapore Telecom's COMRADE project at Singapore as a consultant to Digital Equipment Corporation, Singapore. COMRADE is an automated on-line solution to the maintenance of the radio exchanges in Singapore Telecom's Public Switched Network comprising of its Pager, Mobile Phone, Voice Mail and Callzone exchanges. The Communication Subsystem interacts with the exchanges using the Computer-to-Computer (CTC) protocol specific to that exchange. As the setup consisted of wide range of machines from different vendors, viz. NEC, Motorola, Glenayre, etc., each having a different protocol, an important requirement for the Communication Subsystem was to provide a generic solution to handle this diversity. This was accomplished by devising a method of storing the protocol in a Communications Database which are accessed by the communication Subsystem depending on the exchange to be interacted with. This also enables easy integration of new exchanges, as was demonstrated by the addition of the Glenayre Paging exchange which required minimal effort. The project was successfully commissioned on time despite a very aggressive time schedule and exacting technical expertise required.


Diagnostics Application for Intel's High Integration Desktop

Design and implementation of ROM based diagnostics for Intel's High Integration Desktop (HID) workstations. The diagnostics and Power-On-Self-Test implemented were: RAM (Real and Protected Mode), Ethernet LAN (Intel 82596 LAN Co-processor), Token Ring LAN (Texas Instrument TMS380 Co-processor), LCD Display and Keypad, Hard-disk, Serial Port (8250 compatible), Tape Drive (using SCSI-CAM interface), Label Printer. The off-shore project was executed successfully meeting all time schedules, technical specifications and documentation requirements specified by Intel.

Intel's C Code Builder

Intel's C Code Builder

Design and implementation of the DOS, BIOS and Graphics components of the runtime Library for Intel's '386/486 C Code Builder' product. This involved implementation of the 130-odd functions that comprised the library ensuring full compatibility to Microsoft C 6.0. This product allows building of DOS applications using Extended memory and increased performance as it runs in 32-bit Protected Mode, Extended-DOS environment. The library developed facilitates porting of existing software to the high-performance 32-bit environment. The off-shore project was executed successfully meeting all time schedules, technical specifications and documentation requirements specified by Intel.


Windows Sockets compliant DLL

Design and implementation of Windows Sockets compliant Dynamic-Link Library (DLL) for a US-based company. This project was a proof-of-concept project, to demonstrate the feasibility of accessing Internet services over low-speed dial-up lines. This was demonstrated by means of a Winsock DLL used to transfer requests between Winsock applications (the clients) running on a PC to a UNIX-based host computer (the server), running the corresponding server, using serial communication. Applications that were shown to be supported were Netscape Navigator, Eudora Mail, and various Telnet applications. TCP/IP services that were supported were echo, chargen and discard. It also supported the spoofing of TCP/IP based services like HTTP, SMTP, POP2 and POP3.


TransAct - Transport Information System

TransAct is a complete information system on PC/LAN environment for a medium sized Transport Operations company. It provides a comprehensive and complete solution providing functionality from making bookings right upto the balance-sheet. All standard documents like Lorry Receipt, Lorry Hire Receipt, Bills and Registers are generated. Care has been taken to detect data-corruption and auto-fixing the database file headers. The application has been tuned to minimize the time taken for data-entry keeping in mind the large volume of data that needs to be entered.


IVRS Solutions

Have developed IVRS (Interactive Voice-Response System) solutions using voice modems (GVC, Lanbit, DLINK modems with Rockwell and Cirrus-Logic chipsets) to provide cost effective PC-based IVRS solutions. These have been successfully deployed for providing unattended round-the-clock bookings and status feedback. The client's database system was integrated with the IVRS solution to provide complete online support. Telebanking application using voice-modems with fax-back features have also been developed.


A South African cricket portal

Implemented two prominent features of the popular South African website on Cricket at www.icricketer.com Live Update: The WillowSync application (developed by us) synchronizes the match information from the Willow Scorebook to the pre-configured Web-site - making the latest score available for access on the Internet on the click of a button. The Willow ScoreBook is a popular program used by Cricket Scorers. The Scoreboards / Desktop Popups/Graphics (Manhattan, Worms, RadialCharts) can then be used to display the real-time scores in a viewer-friendly manner. Perl-CGI, Java, PHP3 were used to implement this. The syndication of score-boards / desktop popups to other websites is also supported. Statistics database: The statistics for each series, match, player has been retrieved and organised in a database. The batting, bowling and fielding records can all be processed using standard SQL queries. This module using Perl, PHP3 and mySQL.

Real-time Interface to Stock Exchange Data Feed

Real-time Interface to Stock Exchange Data Feed

Feasibilty study, Systems Analysis and design of the Stock Exchange Value-Added-Services project for a prominent Telecommunications company. This project involves real-time acquisition of stock-market information and the storage of this information is a database for subsequent retrieval. This information can then be distributed to the customers using various media like IVRS, fax, dial-up access, pagers, etc.

Web-based Ticket Vending Application

Web-based Ticket Vending Application

Implemented as a prominent feature for www.subkuch.com web-site, the on-line Ticket booking web application provides a convenient and user-friendly way for an Internet user to book tickets for plays running at various theatres in metropolitan Mumbai area. The front-end is a Java applet which provides a GUI-view of the theatre with actual seat locations and classifications. The user can then click on the seats that he/she wants to buy and on-confirmation the ticket information is displayed back alongwith an email message confirmation to the user and the webmaster. The back-end has been developed in Perl-CGI using mSQL as the database. Perl::DBI module has been used for the database connectivity. The membership database for the site was also developed by us for the above site. Scripts for maintaining the database of theatre-venues, plays, shows, seat classifications were developed to ease and facilicate the management of the database.