Mobile-based Applications

Mobile-based Payment Collection System (PCS)

Mobile-phones provide an extremely cost-effective solution for any kind of large-scale field operations. When interfaced with the back-end Financial Accounting / Billing System, the integrated solution enables a secure, on-line service with effective checks and balances. Each mobile handset is controlled by the back-end and can only collect a pre-defined amount as decided by the Financial controller. The Customer is also provided a confirmation SMS from the back-end as an end-to-end acknowledgement. The solution has been interfaced with a Blue-tooth based printer for providing instant receipts.

Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA)

Enterprise Solutions using SOA

We have leveraged Service-oriented Architecture for a Direct-to-Home Services company for providing a uniform Business Layer to external interfaces like the Customer Web-site, Interactive Voice Response System, Mobile based applications and SMS Gateway. These SOA-based Business Web-Services encapsulate the Business Logic and hide the complexity of the back-end Billing solution to provide simple, consistent and secure access to services like Recharge Account, Add/Upgrade Product, Manage Add-ons and Work-order Management.


Innovative Smartcard applications

We have good success stories in both contact-basedand contact-less Smartcard solution development. We have developed both PC-based and POS-based (embedded) applications involving 256Bytes, 1KBytes, 128KBytes contact-based cards and also MIFARE ® Classic contact-less smartcards. We have developed solutions encompassing Cashless Canteens, Meal Vouchers, Logistics, Identification & Access Control and Loyalty.


Biometric Technology

We have developed prototype Biometric Solutions and are well equipped to handle biometric technology on both PC-based and Embedded platforms. We already have had our hands-on on the most popular form of biometric identification methods available in the market today, i.e. Fingerprinting scanning devices.


Embedded POS based applications

We have developed POS based embedded applicationson the Gemalto (earlier Schlumberger, Axalto) Magic 5100 and MagIC Cube X-Series / C-Series / M-Series Point-of-Sale (POS) Terminals. These are Loyalty and Smart Canteen applications involving contact-based Smartcards (SLE4442, SLE4428) and contact-less smart-cards (MIFARE ® Classic, HID iClass, Prox). We have developed or own framework on top of the built-in API for Smartcard interaction, encryption, error-tracking and network communication on POS to derive the maximum value out of both the POS platform and the most basic of memory cards.


Handheld based applications

We have expertise in development of Handheld applications on both Palm OS and Windows Mobile platforms. Our past projects include development of Palm OS based conduits for synchronization of data between a Palm handheld and the host PC.


Telephony applications

We have developed a range of Telephony applications using the most basic Voice modem using native modem command-set under DOS to TAPI under Windows. We also have expertise in developing Telephony applications on high-end Telephony cards from Intel Dialogic and other equivalent cards.



We have developed SOAP interfaces to our existing applications and the corresponding clients in various languages / platforms. We strongly believe that the Webservices model is ideal for interchange of data across applications in a portable, secure and scalable manner.


On-Line Analytical Processing

We have expertise in OLAP on both Linux and Windows platforms. This involves the ETL phase, building the Star schema(multi-dimensional database schema), various front-end tools from cross-tabulation, graphical representation and OLAP slice and dice. We have also worked with Microsoft AnalysisServices and XMLA based front-ends.


Linux based Applications and Servers

Being early adopters of Linux(1995), we are well equipped to setting up and administering Linux based servers - both Network Servers and Application Servers. We have successfully implemented Network Servers featuring : Routers and Gateways, Firewall, Apache Web Server Mail Servers - with Anti-virus, Spam-filtering, Web-based interface Intrusion Monitoring and Detection Proxy Server - with site filtering and monitoring Remote System and Network up-time monitoring OpenSSL, OpenSSH, VPN, Port-forwarding We have also developed and implemented Application on Linux Servers using: LAMP(Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP), J2EE, JSP AJAX (Asynchronous JavaScript and XML) Database Server - MySQL, Postgres, Sybase, Oracle, mSQL